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So I was working my way through old audiovisual records at work and I came across a cryptic video with the following label: Victoria M - Sunken Fishing Boat in Canadian Waters. I was terribly amused.

Also, Merry Christmas or whatever.
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Guess who just pulled a mass of hair and scuzz  the size of a dead rat out the pipe under the bathroom sink with nothing but determination and a size 10 1/2 knitting needle? Yes, I am that good. I also scrubbed all the soap scum out of the shower with a toothbrush, but that's decidedly less impressive. Geez, that black crud smelled disgusting. I have got to stop shedding.

The servers are down at work -- no email, no internet, nada, so I've got the day off. Erm, I mean, I'm <i>working from home</i>. Only I've got nothing to do, so the effect is pretty much the same.

I really need to work on my dSSS story, but it's like pulling teeth. I am definitely one of those people who doesn't work well with a deadline. Le sigh. Also, I'm pretty sure my idea is lame, but it's the only one I've got....
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I made faux-Ethiopian tonight. Yam/carrot curry and lentil wat. It was kind of an experiment and it was delicious. I also made faux-injera. I didn't have teff flour and hadn't even heard of it until I looked up the recipe, so I made a crepe-ish type thing that was a passable facsimile. At any rate, I'm calling my grand experiment a success. Plus, I really like eating with my fingers. *thumbs up*

I also found two ripe raspberries on the bushes I planted this spring, which, okay, not exactly a bumper crop, but I wasn't expecting anything these year, so it was a pleasant surprise. Raspberries are my favorite, far superior to blueberries. Though blueberries are good, too. I just finished a blueberry lager that I liked quite a bit. Still think a raspberry lager would be even better, so.

I went into work today, and actually got some work done, though not as much as I'd hoped. I set off the alarm but managed to get it turned off. I waited for the police to show up to question me or something, but that didn't happen. The security company didn't even call, so I guess that's good?

Anyhoo. Today definitely comes out on the plus side.
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This weekend I:
  • vacuumed
  • swept
  • mopped
  • did laundry (two loads!)
  • folded said laundry -- most of the time my laundry never makes it out of the basket
  • bleached the kitchen counters and didn't ruin my shirt, a first
  • dusted (half-assedly, but still!)
  • cleaned two bathrooms
  • picked up room and straightened desk
  • took the garbage out
  • went to a work thing and cut out early
  • made salsa with tomatoes from the garden
  • made a double batch of pita bread so I can both eat it now AND make falafel later this week
  • watched Fargo, which is on my list of pop-culturally important movies I still haven't seen
  • forced myself to write 500 (mostly crap) words
I have been crazy-productive, and I just want someone to witness it, dammit!
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Awesome Things In My Life Right Now:

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Thing In My Life Right Now Which Is Not Necessarily Awesome But About Which I Have Been Thinking:

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Wow, you're looking good today -- are you doing something new with your hair? And that shirt is really flattering. ... Do I want something? Why do you ask? Well, now that you mention it....

Does anyone want to look over 10,000 words of Merlin/Arthur? Oh, don't look at me like that, I couldn't help myself. You know I have no willpower.


Also, I heard from one of my former kids today. She's changed her major to Women's Studies and told me that she recently bought a poster about a fish and a bicycle that she thought was was neato.

This? Is probably the proudest moment of my fucking life.

Mah birfday

Jan. 6th, 2009 03:52 pm
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Awesome friends, I haz dem.

Thank you, [ profile] ignazwisdom  for the champagne v-gift -- you don't even know how apt it was. :D

Also, thank you [ profile] purridot  for the card! All glittery and kitten-y, which, of course, is sort of how I see you. My WTF expression when I looked at the envelope must have been pretty good, too. "Why did sender put USA on the address .... wait a minute!!" Then I did a little happy dance. Luckily, I was alone.

Otherwise the birthday was good, if very low key, especially since it was the first day back to work after the holidays. This evening I'm getting Greek food with a friend (my addiction to feta is legendary). All-in-all, not a bad start to the week/year/rest of my life.

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Right, so the Check Engine Light Of Dooooom came on in my car as I was driving home from work today. Like a Good and Responsible Adult I took it right in to the service station. They identified the problem pretty quickly:

I'd left my gas cap off.

In my defense? The Check Engine Light of Dooooom came on about a week ago because something had come loose after an oil change. And I last got gas Monday -- how was I suppose to connect the two events?!

I'm pretty sure the mechanics think I'm not quite right in the head now. I could see the pity in their eyes.

Such is my life.
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Right, so I really dragged my feet about registering to vote (I'd been registered in another state), but I did do it at least three weeks before the deadline. It occurred to me today to wonder why I hadn't gotten my little voter card thingy, so I checked online. And I am registered, but the address is wrong. A lot wrong. The only thing right is the street number. Wrong street, wrong city, wrong zip code. Which kind of leads me to believe that the person who fucked up? Not me.

I wonder if I can get it corrected in time. Really, it doesn't matter; Kansas is extremely conservative -- my vote counts for zilch. But it was mine, dammit. I was going to do my civic duty! Make Susan B. Anthony proud! Take part in a (fingers crossed) historic election!

Would it be excessively paranoid of me to suspect the "mistake" happened because I'm a Democrat registering in a red state?

Fucking Republicans.

ETA: I can haz a vote! I called around this morning until I finally got connected with the right person, who cheerfully corrected my address. And then I also wrote a letter to the editor, just to warn people to double-check their registration. Ha.

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Guess how many piles of dog puke I've cleaned up today? Go on, guess.

Nope, higher.


The correct answer is seven. SEVEN. And that's not counting the twoish piles on the back porch. I can't believe that this is all the production of one dog -- their stomachs can't possibly hold that much, right? Which means they're working in tandem. The real fun part is getting my CSI on and examining splatter patterns, content and location to try and figure out who did what.

Remind me, why am I a dog person, again?

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Pushing Daisies ... really not spoilery, but just in case. )

I was reading Dear Abby yesterday and a woman wrote in wondering if she was wrong to ask her live-in boyfriend to split the cost of her birth-control pills (about $40). Her boyfriend refused and her friends agreed with him. For some reason, I was surprised that Abby sided with him, as well -- she felt that the pills were a personal expense and therefore not the BF's responsibility. The reason the woman was on the Pill wasn't discussed (she wasn't taking it for reasons other then to prevent spawn).

I guess I felt that $20 a month was still cheaper than child support, so the BF should consider it a pretty good deal.

IDK. What do you guys think?


Druggie Doggy Exchanges

We're walking the dogs and Toula stops to roll in someone's yard, which she loves to do.
Mom: *as Toula* "Boy, these people sure have good grass!"
Me: And their lawn's not bad either.

Me: *walking into the kitchen* Hi, dogs!
Dogs: *perk up*
Me: Oh, sorry, I don't have food for you.
Mom: Then why are you talking to them -- they can get "hi" anytime.
Me: That explains a lot.

I've decided that Buddy's the pot-head, Toula's the meth addict, and Callie is really into party drugs.


Anyone have a good vegetarian recipe for butternut squash? I've got a boat-load I don't know what to do with.  ETA: Never mind. I've made a bisque. It tastes pretty good, but probably wasn't worth the effort considering it took me ages to peel the damn squash (squashes? what's the plural of squash? Now the word just looks funny to me. Squuuuash.)

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So I got a job. Which is to the good, but it doesn't actually start for about a month, so I've had some (a lot of) time to kill -- and god knows I'm not going to use it doing something useful or productive. *eyes room which looks like it has been ransacked by evil four-year-olds -- seriously, I have markers scattered across my floor* I've been kind of drifting in fandom, lately. I'm still happy in my old fandoms, but I'm been looking for something new, something exciting, something to put on heels and lipstick for.

And I think I've found it, and  must share it with you.

The BBC's Robin Hood.

I'd like to say that this show is well-written, tightly plotted, brilliantly acted and insightful ... but it is none of those things, and I shant deceive you. The plots are simplistic and predictable good-vs-evil, the dialogue is frequently laughable and ... well, the acting isn't really that bad. Richard Armitage does a lot with what he's got, as does everyone else, really. The show's creators have embraced jarringly modern sensibilities in fashion and language and brought anachronisms to Xena-type levels.

"But RB," I can hear you saying, "if this show is so colossally mediocre, why do you love it so?"

Well, my ducklings, the short answer that it brings both the gorgeous (see below) and the slash. And it does, it really really does. But the longer answer, which I struck upon when asking myself the very same question is this: it comes so close to being good. It alludes to dark histories, but doesn't explore them. It suggests the complexities of the relationships between character, but doesn't illuminate. It presents morally-ambiguous situations, but then shies away into safer territory. I'm intrigued, but not stifled by -- it gives me just enough material to run with.

Looking for a pattern in my fandoms I've written fic for (and with the exception of Arrested Development -- who knows where that came from), they're all like that. Not the sucking part -- the hinting part, I mean. House and due South are procedurals, and SGA functions a lot like one -- the character's personal lives are largely off-screen, with only hints and tantalizing bits of information to be hoarded and extrapolated from. Hard Core Logo is different from any of the above, it's a movie and it's also character-based, but its documentary format keeps the viewer at arm's length and the unreliability of the narrators keep us guessing.

So Robin Hood is actually everything I could want in a fandom: it has hot people, slashy subtext, and plenty of room to play in.

Unfortunately the fandom is small and this fic is mostly Robin/Marian or Marian/Guy (not that there's anything wrong with that, ahem). Which is where you fine people come in. Come with me, cooooooome with me. Here's some candy.

Cut for pic spamage and some minor spoilers. )
So yes. Have I recruited you yet? Yes? 

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Jesus Christ. It should be satire...but it’s not.

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To aid my super-serious scholarship/to satisfy my curiosity, please take a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire:

Assuming you read slash (non-canon, same-sex pairings) at least occasionally...

  1. Do you prefer slash to heterosexual (both canon and non-canon) pairings? Why or why not?
  2. Do you prefer slash to canon homosexual pairings? Why or why not?
  3. Do you have a preference between m/m pairings and f/f pairings?
  4. How much do you think your own orientation, gender and sexual experience affect your fanfic-reading preferences? Explain.
  5. Do you read gen fic of characters you slash? Do you read it more, less or about the same as fic with overt romance/sex? Why?
  6. How do you like sex in slash fic? Is explicit sex a pro or con?
  7. How did you get into slash and how old were you?
  8. Anything you’d like to share?
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Ugly, unpleasant weather; ugly, unpleasant people.

But if you happen to have any affection for the city or -- and this is my real point -- you spent a lot of time in the Due South-verse, this podcast by NPR's Peter Sagal ("Imagining Da Casino in Chicago") will give you a feel for the texture and grit of the city that the Rays love so much. In the very least it'll make you laugh.
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Bleh. It went from 70F (21C) yesterday to snow today and we are not amused.

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