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So. I watched Young at Heart with Frank Sinatra and Doris Day this weekend. And yes, I only watched it because Joe Dick mentions it in Hard Core Logo. This would be a follow up to my watching Point Break only because it was mentioned in Hot Fuzz (I still need to see Bad Boyz II).
Length summary and half-assed analysis.  )
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Title: A Tragedy in Five Fucking Acts
Words: 5,000
Hard Core Logo, Joe/Billy
Rating: R, Adult for graphic sex, dark themes, and language.
Notes: Many, many thanks to darling [personal profile] purridot for her excellent beta skills, sympathetic ear and just generally being one of the coolest kids around.

Act I... )
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Hard Core Logo flashfic. I've been trying to write HCL fic for ages. I must have at least half-a-dozen beginnings started, but they all fizzled. Trying to get the complexity of these characters--even just a tiny little piece--is so fricken hard.

Title: November 3, 1979
: 800
: R (language, of course)
Unbetaed; concrit is most welcome and probably desperately needed. *mwwwah*


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Title: Interpretation
Words: 800
Rating: PG
Summary: I offered to write [ profile] purridot  a little something, more-or-less for Christmas. She requested "Fraser and RayK watch Hard Core Logo." I was only too happy to oblige. Merry Belated Christmas, kiddo!
Warning: spoilers for the ending of Hard Core Logo

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A Hard Core Logo fanvid! It's mostly just an excuse to spend a lot of time watching the slashiest bits.

My mom watched. Her comment? "I'll never be able to hear this song again without thinking of people staring moodily into space." 

Geez, Mom, you just don't understand their pain.

ETA Download here, if you'd like your own copy. Plus, the quality is less crapalicious than youtube.
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Title:  In Acid Veritas: Foreshadowing and Thematic Development in Hard Core Logo’s Acid Trip
Spoilers: For the ending of Hard Core Logo, which you should definitely see first
Many thanks to [personal profile] purridot, who puts up with a lot and [profile] ignazwisdom whose fault this indirectly is

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