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So I got a job. Which is to the good, but it doesn't actually start for about a month, so I've had some (a lot of) time to kill -- and god knows I'm not going to use it doing something useful or productive. *eyes room which looks like it has been ransacked by evil four-year-olds -- seriously, I have markers scattered across my floor* I've been kind of drifting in fandom, lately. I'm still happy in my old fandoms, but I'm been looking for something new, something exciting, something to put on heels and lipstick for.

And I think I've found it, and  must share it with you.

The BBC's Robin Hood.

I'd like to say that this show is well-written, tightly plotted, brilliantly acted and insightful ... but it is none of those things, and I shant deceive you. The plots are simplistic and predictable good-vs-evil, the dialogue is frequently laughable and ... well, the acting isn't really that bad. Richard Armitage does a lot with what he's got, as does everyone else, really. The show's creators have embraced jarringly modern sensibilities in fashion and language and brought anachronisms to Xena-type levels.

"But RB," I can hear you saying, "if this show is so colossally mediocre, why do you love it so?"

Well, my ducklings, the short answer that it brings both the gorgeous (see below) and the slash. And it does, it really really does. But the longer answer, which I struck upon when asking myself the very same question is this: it comes so close to being good. It alludes to dark histories, but doesn't explore them. It suggests the complexities of the relationships between character, but doesn't illuminate. It presents morally-ambiguous situations, but then shies away into safer territory. I'm intrigued, but not stifled by -- it gives me just enough material to run with.

Looking for a pattern in my fandoms I've written fic for (and with the exception of Arrested Development -- who knows where that came from), they're all like that. Not the sucking part -- the hinting part, I mean. House and due South are procedurals, and SGA functions a lot like one -- the character's personal lives are largely off-screen, with only hints and tantalizing bits of information to be hoarded and extrapolated from. Hard Core Logo is different from any of the above, it's a movie and it's also character-based, but its documentary format keeps the viewer at arm's length and the unreliability of the narrators keep us guessing.

So Robin Hood is actually everything I could want in a fandom: it has hot people, slashy subtext, and plenty of room to play in.

Unfortunately the fandom is small and this fic is mostly Robin/Marian or Marian/Guy (not that there's anything wrong with that, ahem). Which is where you fine people come in. Come with me, cooooooome with me. Here's some candy.

Cut for pic spamage and some minor spoilers. )
So yes. Have I recruited you yet? Yes? 

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