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Guess how many piles of dog puke I've cleaned up today? Go on, guess.

Nope, higher.


The correct answer is seven. SEVEN. And that's not counting the twoish piles on the back porch. I can't believe that this is all the production of one dog -- their stomachs can't possibly hold that much, right? Which means they're working in tandem. The real fun part is getting my CSI on and examining splatter patterns, content and location to try and figure out who did what.

Remind me, why am I a dog person, again?

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Pushing Daisies ... really not spoilery, but just in case. )

I was reading Dear Abby yesterday and a woman wrote in wondering if she was wrong to ask her live-in boyfriend to split the cost of her birth-control pills (about $40). Her boyfriend refused and her friends agreed with him. For some reason, I was surprised that Abby sided with him, as well -- she felt that the pills were a personal expense and therefore not the BF's responsibility. The reason the woman was on the Pill wasn't discussed (she wasn't taking it for reasons other then to prevent spawn).

I guess I felt that $20 a month was still cheaper than child support, so the BF should consider it a pretty good deal.

IDK. What do you guys think?


Druggie Doggy Exchanges

We're walking the dogs and Toula stops to roll in someone's yard, which she loves to do.
Mom: *as Toula* "Boy, these people sure have good grass!"
Me: And their lawn's not bad either.

Me: *walking into the kitchen* Hi, dogs!
Dogs: *perk up*
Me: Oh, sorry, I don't have food for you.
Mom: Then why are you talking to them -- they can get "hi" anytime.
Me: That explains a lot.

I've decided that Buddy's the pot-head, Toula's the meth addict, and Callie is really into party drugs.


Anyone have a good vegetarian recipe for butternut squash? I've got a boat-load I don't know what to do with.  ETA: Never mind. I've made a bisque. It tastes pretty good, but probably wasn't worth the effort considering it took me ages to peel the damn squash (squashes? what's the plural of squash? Now the word just looks funny to me. Squuuuash.)

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