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Title: Love Potion No. 9, or: A Midsummer Night's Dream in Camelot!
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin, Morgana/Gwen, Morgana/Merlin -- sort of
Words: 6,500
Rating: PG-13
Beta: Many thanks to [ profile] strainconductor  and [profile] serotonin_storm 
Summary: Gaius had warned Merlin about manipulating others' emotions with magic. “Magic used for selfish purposes never ends well,” he'd said. But this, Merlin was confident, didn't count.

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Title: Then the War Came
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur, pre-slash
Rating: PG
Words: 4,500
Beta: Many thanks to [ profile] ignazwisdom and [ profile] strainconductor
Summary: After discovery, Merlin sought refuge with the Druids. Future fic.

Merlin awoke to the drizzle for the third day in a row.  )
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Awesome Things In My Life Right Now:

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Thing In My Life Right Now Which Is Not Necessarily Awesome But About Which I Have Been Thinking:

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Title: (Serious) Dinner Reservations
Disclaimer: The characters may have a passing resemblance to Real People, but this story is a work of complete fiction.
Summary: Ryan Seacrest, secret woobie. Simon Cowell, well-known asshole.
A/N: This is dedicated to [ profile] ignazwisdom. What can I say -- I'm an enabler.

Oh, Igs, your enthusiasm is catching. A bit frightening, but catching.  )
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Hey. Is anybody up for betaing 4,500 words of Arthur/Merlin preslash? It's suppose to be all wistful and melancholy, but vaguely hopeful. But right now I fear it's just a little ... meh, you know?

I really need to get some Merlin fans on my flist. Know any you think I might like/might like me? Introduce me, please. Whore me like the cheap whore I am.
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 Title: Within Sight
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Words: 10,000
Rating: NC-17/MA
Beta: Many thanks to [ profile] ignazwisdom  for her keen eye and sage advice.
Summary: When a curse blinds Arthur, his position as heir is threatened.

Arthur urged his horse up the narrow path, its hooves churning deeply into the muddy path. )
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Wow, you're looking good today -- are you doing something new with your hair? And that shirt is really flattering. ... Do I want something? Why do you ask? Well, now that you mention it....

Does anyone want to look over 10,000 words of Merlin/Arthur? Oh, don't look at me like that, I couldn't help myself. You know I have no willpower.


Also, I heard from one of my former kids today. She's changed her major to Women's Studies and told me that she recently bought a poster about a fish and a bicycle that she thought was was neato.

This? Is probably the proudest moment of my fucking life.

Mah birfday

Jan. 6th, 2009 03:52 pm
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Awesome friends, I haz dem.

Thank you, [ profile] ignazwisdom  for the champagne v-gift -- you don't even know how apt it was. :D

Also, thank you [ profile] purridot  for the card! All glittery and kitten-y, which, of course, is sort of how I see you. My WTF expression when I looked at the envelope must have been pretty good, too. "Why did sender put USA on the address .... wait a minute!!" Then I did a little happy dance. Luckily, I was alone.

Otherwise the birthday was good, if very low key, especially since it was the first day back to work after the holidays. This evening I'm getting Greek food with a friend (my addiction to feta is legendary). All-in-all, not a bad start to the week/year/rest of my life.

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Title: In Which Things Begin
Pairing/Fandom: Legolas/Gimli, LotR (inasmuch as I hold to cannon, this is movie-based)
Word Count : 1700
Rating: G
Summary: This fic holds much speech and precious little action. Unbetaed. I'm mostly just playing with style and tone.
I love it when my ships are cannon.  )
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How cool is this perfume company? I've wasted hours just reading the descriptions.

From the Wonderlust collection.

A lazy, warm deep green scent with a thick aquatic undertone: Spanish moss, evergreen and cypress with watery blue-green notes and an eddy of hothouse flowers and swamp blooms.

Date palm, dried tobacco, snakeroot, and leather.

Dark, decadent and incomparably exotic: the rich scent of buttered rum flavored with almond, bay, clove and sassafras.

Or the Illyria Collection, inspired by Shakespeare's plays.

The embodiment of Classic masculinity. A warrior's scent: the green hills and grasses of the battlefields, the resinous incense from the prayers to his Gods [sic], and a touch of the musky leather of his armor. Ambergris and frankincense with sage, and basil.

The essence of ambition, covetousness and manipulation: sweet Bordeaux wine, blood red currant, thyme and wild berries.

Orchid, white musk, and bergamot wafting over juniper berries, with a gentle touch of soft, earthy patchouli.

I'm trying very hard to remember that hand-mixed perfumes are not essential to my existence (indeed, up until now I've done very well without them), but I'm not sure I believe it. I do really love perfume. Screw you, asthmatics.

I've now been inventing scents for characters. And myself, of course--I think I'd be sandalwood, olive oil and gardenia. Chase would be lemon, lemon blossom and cloves. Frannie would be sweet pea, lilac, musk and a trace of white pepper.

What would y'all be?
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Right, so the Check Engine Light Of Dooooom came on in my car as I was driving home from work today. Like a Good and Responsible Adult I took it right in to the service station. They identified the problem pretty quickly:

I'd left my gas cap off.

In my defense? The Check Engine Light of Dooooom came on about a week ago because something had come loose after an oil change. And I last got gas Monday -- how was I suppose to connect the two events?!

I'm pretty sure the mechanics think I'm not quite right in the head now. I could see the pity in their eyes.

Such is my life.
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Right, so I really dragged my feet about registering to vote (I'd been registered in another state), but I did do it at least three weeks before the deadline. It occurred to me today to wonder why I hadn't gotten my little voter card thingy, so I checked online. And I am registered, but the address is wrong. A lot wrong. The only thing right is the street number. Wrong street, wrong city, wrong zip code. Which kind of leads me to believe that the person who fucked up? Not me.

I wonder if I can get it corrected in time. Really, it doesn't matter; Kansas is extremely conservative -- my vote counts for zilch. But it was mine, dammit. I was going to do my civic duty! Make Susan B. Anthony proud! Take part in a (fingers crossed) historic election!

Would it be excessively paranoid of me to suspect the "mistake" happened because I'm a Democrat registering in a red state?

Fucking Republicans.

ETA: I can haz a vote! I called around this morning until I finally got connected with the right person, who cheerfully corrected my address. And then I also wrote a letter to the editor, just to warn people to double-check their registration. Ha.

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You know, for a weird coincidence where you come across something repeatedly? Is there a word for that ...? Hm.

Re: tonight's House. Not actually that spoilery, but what the hay. )

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Guess how many piles of dog puke I've cleaned up today? Go on, guess.

Nope, higher.


The correct answer is seven. SEVEN. And that's not counting the twoish piles on the back porch. I can't believe that this is all the production of one dog -- their stomachs can't possibly hold that much, right? Which means they're working in tandem. The real fun part is getting my CSI on and examining splatter patterns, content and location to try and figure out who did what.

Remind me, why am I a dog person, again?

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Pushing Daisies ... really not spoilery, but just in case. )

I was reading Dear Abby yesterday and a woman wrote in wondering if she was wrong to ask her live-in boyfriend to split the cost of her birth-control pills (about $40). Her boyfriend refused and her friends agreed with him. For some reason, I was surprised that Abby sided with him, as well -- she felt that the pills were a personal expense and therefore not the BF's responsibility. The reason the woman was on the Pill wasn't discussed (she wasn't taking it for reasons other then to prevent spawn).

I guess I felt that $20 a month was still cheaper than child support, so the BF should consider it a pretty good deal.

IDK. What do you guys think?


Druggie Doggy Exchanges

We're walking the dogs and Toula stops to roll in someone's yard, which she loves to do.
Mom: *as Toula* "Boy, these people sure have good grass!"
Me: And their lawn's not bad either.

Me: *walking into the kitchen* Hi, dogs!
Dogs: *perk up*
Me: Oh, sorry, I don't have food for you.
Mom: Then why are you talking to them -- they can get "hi" anytime.
Me: That explains a lot.

I've decided that Buddy's the pot-head, Toula's the meth addict, and Callie is really into party drugs.


Anyone have a good vegetarian recipe for butternut squash? I've got a boat-load I don't know what to do with.  ETA: Never mind. I've made a bisque. It tastes pretty good, but probably wasn't worth the effort considering it took me ages to peel the damn squash (squashes? what's the plural of squash? Now the word just looks funny to me. Squuuuash.)

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I was super careful not to miss House tonight (with summer and the writer's strike before it, I've gotten out of all my TV watching habits) -- I plopped my little self down in front of the TV right at 7:57 ... only to realize that House is on at 8 EASTERN TIME. And I am on Central time.

Fuck. I am a moron.
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Title: With the Day Now Breaking
Rating: NC-17/Adult
Words: 9,500
Fandom/Pairing: the BBC's Robin Hood; Robin/Much
Summary: Much and Robin in the Holy Land. No spoilers.
Warning: dark themes, some violence, explicit sex
Beta: Many thanks to the gracious [ profile] ignazwisdom for beta duties and to the irrepressible [ profile] purridot for cheerleading.

A small rivulet of rain had found its way through the worn awning ... )

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