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Hey kids, if you’re not watching Glee, you should be. It’s freaking fantastic. I love musicals; they fit in really well with my world view. It’s a constant and nearly unendurable disappointment that the people in my life don’t burst into song and dance. I do the best I can to compensate and sing all the freaking time. What I lack in skill I make up in volume. Sometimes I dance a little, too.

Anyhoo. Glee is the antidote to my sadly non-musical life. Reasons you should watch:

1. The music. The show does a mix of contemporary song (“Gold Digger,” “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It”) and retro numbers (“Le Freak," “Push It,” “Say A Little Prayer”) plus the odd musical number (“Tonight” from West Side Story, “On My Own”). The show frames the music both as actual performances on a stage or in rehearsal and as the classic internal monologues where nobody seems to notice that you’re belting about your broken heart in the middle of the hallway. Convenient, that.

2. The humor. Glee’s got a sly, quirky sense of humor. I’m a huge Arrested Development fan, and Glee has a similar sensibility.

3. Jane Lynch. Need I say more? She’s never not hysterically funny. Seriously, she doesn’t even have to say anything; her expressions are enough to start me giggling.

4. The gay kid actually comes out and it’s poignant. At first I figured Kurt was going to be our token gay, here to camp it up for our amusement – and he is admittedly very campy – but then he got an actual story arc. We got to see him feel something other than fabulous, and I promise it will break your fucking heart.

5. It lampoons abstinence-only education. And not in a subtle way. In a I-can't-believe-they-got-Fox-to-sign-off-on-this way.

Actually, screw all those reasons and just watch this:

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