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I started to watch the first episode Durham County, but geez, you guys -- I knew it was dark but I didn't know it was that dark. I made it about half-way through, to the point where the creepy dude picked up bashed-in-head girl to “dance” with her and I was squicking so bad I had to stop. The anticipation of the real creepy psychological murders just get me. Also, not to blame the victims here, but who goes into the woods with a creeper who wants you to dress up like a school girl and pretends you're fourteen, and then LETS HIM TIE YOU UP?!?! Seriously.

It's funny the stuff that gets to me. Fast, action-y violence doesn't bother me, but torture and rape make me ill, especially when the victims are young women. Also cannibalism. I actually fastforwarded through a song in a Flight of the Conchords ep the other day, which has to be some of the most comic, least threatening blood around. IDK, sometimes stuff just freaks me out. Other stuff I've stopped watching because it squicked me include Pan's Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, though in my defense, I was ten at the time. Even if I still won't watch it.

Normally I'm really vigilant about what I watch. I don't do horror movies, except for the really campy ones, and if I'm not sure about something I read a detailed summary before I see it. Which sometimes strips the movie of its emotional punch, but I figure it's that or adding to my nightmare fodder.

So anyway, flisters, should I soldier on through Durham County? Does it get better? Worse? I mean, Hugh Dillon is reeeeeeeally hot. Feel free to supply detailed summaries.

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Date: 2009-08-11 12:00 pm (UTC)
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That bad ? I looked at imdb and it seems intriguing, I love the promotion picture. Do they have a torture or rape scene, or is it just à la CSI with pictures of corpses and flashbacks ? Maybe they did it for the pilot to impress people and set the mood and it will be lighter after that. Or maybe it's better to forget that show ^^'

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